Our Mission

Give people the power to be focused, productive and calm everyday.

What we do

We build behavior science-based apps that help people stay focused at work and sleep better at night. We've partnered with Dan Ariely's behavior lab at Duke University to transform research into products that improve people's working lives.

Most of us have experienced this feeling of ‘being in the zone’ or ‘flowing’ where we are completely immersed in what we’re doing and everything else melds into the background. We experience deep enjoyment, creativity and do our best work when we’re in this state.

It’s really hard and rare to get into this state. Research shows, one of the biggest barriers to work with unwavering focus is interruptions. Everytime we’re interrupted, it takes 23 minutes to get back to our original task.

Today, we get interrupted by smartphone notifications hundreds of times during the day and these interruptions are on everyone else’s schedule but our own. Our app Daywise, helps you work without interruptions over long periods of time by giving you the ability to control when you can be interrupted and by whom.

Daywise lets you schedule all your smartphone notifications and delivers them as a digest at set times. Scheduling notifications at specific intervals has proven to improve attention and productivity. Getting control over interruptions is the first step to doing great work.

Our goal is to build Daywise as a holistic productivity and wellness app that helps people wake up with a purpose and go to bed feeling accomplished everyday.

Our Team

Ranjan Jagannathan

Co-Founder & CEO

Vijay Raghavan

Co-Founder & CDO

Devang Paliwal

Co-Founder & CTO

Terrel Lewis

Mobile Engineering

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Synapse includes a diverse and talented set of individuals. We are techies and artists who want to give people the power to be focused, productive and calm. We began our journey based out of the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University. Our mission was shaped by their team of researchers and groundbreaking thinkers, led by world renowned behavioral economist Dan Ariely.

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