Pick a schedule. Get notifications at those times.

People who get notifications at set times are less stressed, calmer and more productive.

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There are two kinds of people

Those who get pushed around by notifications and
those who get notifications on their schedule.

Those who get pushed around by notifications

Those who get notifications on their schedule.

Enjoy interruption-free work, family and sleep hours

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Work with focus
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Enjoy family time
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Sleep peacefully

Neat inbox for your notifications

Your batched notifications are neatly organized all in one place. See notifications when you want to, not when apps want you to.

Instant & Batch apps recommendations

Daywise analyzes every app on your phone and categorizes them into 'Instant' and 'Batched'. We do the heavy lifting, you add the finishing touches.

Flexible batch timings

Choose the times of the day when you want to get notifications. Protect your work, sleep and personal time!

Never miss messages from VIPs

Choose which of your friends can interrupt you, batch the rest for later. You decide who gets your attention.

Improve your phone habits

Learn how much time you spend on your phone and away from it. Find which apps interrupt you the most and batch them!

User Love ❣️

Recently I have been trying to reduce my screen time, but every single time I recieve a notification I feel the urge to check my phone. So this app has really helped me to avoid that. I really love it. Thanks for this app.

- Daniel

Love this app! You have solved a problem that I have been plagued by. It's like my phone is in Zen mode.

- John

I LOVE this app! I am able to accomplish more throughout the day, be less attached to my phone and be significantly less anxious than before using daywise. It has been very helpful to schedule everything into four clumps a day while allowing exceptions for needed notifications to come immediately.

- Kat

Great app! Its really helpful during my exams. Notification are distractions. With help of this app I can save myself from the distractions.

- Meet

Must for me! Made my life distraction free. This app is easy to use, you should definitely try it if you're spending way too much time on your phone.

- Fazal

Wonderful helps me stay focus during the work day. I talk about the app to everyone.

- Lidia

I've been using this for a while now, but today I paused it for just a couple hours and wow... I honestly don't know how people don't go insane without a notification manager. It's helped me stay focused for so much longer and I feel more in control of my time and my life in general!

- Mikael

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